The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists. Japanese Proverb

We offer fresh, imaginative, and customized solutions that are tailored to your organization with a meaningful partnership. Choose from three areas:

General Facilitation – We listen, design, and implement facilitation solutions that are customized and tailored to your organizational needs. We utilize a wide range of facilitation models such as scenario planning, appreciative inquiry, open space technology, outcome mapping, interest-based problem solving as well as standard process facilitation and strategic planning tools, to meet your business needs and organizational culture.

Project-based Facilitation – We work with teams and organizations to implement design systems, workflow and work plan to provide a range of design services to facilitate short-term projects. Such project-based needs might include managing a technology integration process or human resource redesign project. Such project specific facilitation and process management is useful when an outside perspective can bring clarity and focus to the project timeline and process.

Organizational Coaching & Training on Meeting Facilitation – We work with teams and organizations to provide customized training and coaching to improve meeting facilitation.